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  • Examinations
  • Immunizations
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Parasite prevention programs
  • Dental care
  • Surgical neutering and spays

Along with regular immunizations, we recommend comprehensive physical exams annually for our patients less that 7 years of age, and bi-annually for geriatric pets. All of the exams with our doctors are scheduled for a full 30 minutes in order to provide for complete care and time to address any and all questions that you may have about your loved one. During the physical exam, we will cover nutrition, parasite testing and prevention and dental health. We offer an array of diagnostic testing such as bloodwork, blood pressure monitoring and diagnostic imaging to provide the best of care for our patients.

Almost any medication your pets need to make them feel better can be taken home immediately after your visit. Snoqualmie Ridge Veterinary Hospital keeps a wide variety of medications on hand for the convenience of our clients.

Snoqualmie Ridge Veterinary Hospital is fully equipped to run the necessary tests on site to provide our doctors with the information they need to form a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan FAST. X-Rays, bloodwork, laboratory tests and ultrasounds are all performed on site. Our in-house laboratory facilities enable our staff to provide diagnostic answers within minutes. We utilize the new IDEXX Catalyst and Procyte equipment. Complete blood cell counts, chemistry, thyroid, electrolytes, diabetic testing can all be performed with our state of the art diagnostic blood machines. We are also able to perform pre-anesthetic panels, feline F.E.L.V. & F.I.V. testing, glucose curves, heartworm testing, pancreatitis SNAP testing, giardia testing, urinalysis and fecal parasite testing. We also utilize multiple laboratories for geriatric blood panels, specialized diagnostics, and consultations.

  • Serum chemistries, hematology, serology
  • Parasite testing
  • Urinalysis
  • Bacterial and fungal culture
  • Radiology (x-rays)
  • Electocardiography (EKG)

Our veterinarians have extensive experience in managing a wide array of surgical conditions that arise in our patients. We offer extensive anesthetic monitoring for our surgical patients including ECG, heart and respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and core body temperature monitoring. We routinely perform exploratory surgeries, gastric/intestinal foreign body removal, splenectomy, bladder and urinary surgery, and anal gland and routine mass removals. We have extensive experience in the surgical management of many complicated cancers. We offer fracture repair including bone plating and external fixation. We routinely perform surgical repair of the knee joint due to injury of the cranial cruciate ligament (ACL) including both Lateral Suture Stabilization and Tibial Tuberosity Plateau Osteotomy (TPLO) as well as surgical correction of medial patellar luxations. Please contact us via phone at (425) 396-7311 to see how we can assist with your pet’s surgical needs.

  • Up-to-date anesthetic techniques and monitoring equipment
  • Soft tissue and orthopedic surgery capabilities
  • Referrals to specialists – when extraordinary problems arise